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Then Some- Nikita Karmen feat. Walker Hayes

Nikita first brought this song idea to Walker when they were openers on Bobby Bones' comedy tour. That tour is actually when I discovered both of them and fell in love with their music. It was January of 2017, and I was blown away at both Nikita’s and Walker’s unique talents. Nikita’s set was quiet and mesmerizing, just her alone on the stage. Then Walker came out and amazed the crowd with his incredible one man band abilities with his loop. It was so memorable, even looking back on it four years later. I loved every minute of it.

The lyrics of this song start out sad and heartbreaking; the fresh part of a breakup where you can’t help but cry when you hear a song on the radio. (been there). You know you should change it to something happy, but you just aren’t emotionally there yet.

Then the chorus goes on to say,I'll get over you and then some day i'll hear this song and i won’t even think about thinking about you, won't even be a double take in my rear view. I'll get over you and then somebody's gonna love me like you didn't; Every kiss will get me closer to closure. Trust me, I ain't just gonna get over you, I'll get over you and then some”.

The strength grows as the song progresses. Karmen describes it as a song that “can be initially perceived as sad, but then turns around to become an empowering breakup song”. It’s a song that can give anyone going through a breakup the strength to know you can move on, you will move on, and it will be even better than before.

Hayes comes in for the third verse, from the ex-boyfriend’s perspective: “Hey, baby, what's the truth, how you really feel? Smile on your face looks a little too real. I can call out when you're bluffin' but i'm not sure; If you faking it, girl, you deserve an oscar. Serves me right taking you for granted like that; Letting you go thinking, nah, she comin' right back. Girl, I hope he ain't nothing like the old me. Hey congrats, girl, you told me.”

Nikita Karmen and Walker Hayes have worked on many projects together. In fact, he produced her entire album, The Garden, which was released January 29 of this year. They wrote three of the songs together: Then Some, Pirates Tonight, and Grey Goose.

I’ve always kind of felt like Nikita and I would be good friends if we ever met (LOL). She is so cute with her Australian accent and unique style, she is an identical twin like me, and we both share a slight obsession with TSwift (even have the same favorite song!). I hope you will check her out and love her as much as I do!


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Emily S
Emily S
10 jun 2021

I love this!!! I feel the same way about Nikita. Twinny Swiftie Besties for life 😂😍

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