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Good Things- Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay have a new album coming out in less than a month, and to tease it they dropped a new single and music video last night. We’ve got everything they have to say about this project, and the excitement is contagious! Yesterday on their social media accounts, Dan + Shay wrote, “GOOD THINGS: THE ALBUM AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE AUGUST 13 and good things: the song available everywhere now.. We poured every bit of our hearts into this project and have never been more excited for anything in our entire lives. Can’t wait for it to be yours so soon.”

The song and video for Good Things dropped at midnight last night. It begins in a desert, with the moon peeking behind the silhouette of a tree. Shay Mooney rides through the desert on a bike and a piano is wheeled into the frame before the screen goes black. “Dan + Shay” appears on the screen, and the music starts with a piano playing.

When talking on Released on YouTube last night during their premiere party, Dan talked about the making of the Good Things video, and the inspiration behind it. “We had so much fun making the Good Things music video. We were in the desert just outside of Los Angeles, CA, I think it’s a bit metaphorical for this moment we’re going through in human history, coming out of probably the toughest time. This pandemic was very tough on a lot of us. It starts out in kind of a barren setting. It’s just the two of us, and it’s desert. There’s not a lot of light. There’s not a lot of vibrant color. And as the video evolves, you see people of all walks of life kind of emerging from, you know, what would seem like a post-apocalyptic kind of moment, you know. Open signs flipping on, people looking out their windows and seeing sunlight, seeing brightness, seeing flowers bloom, and kind of all converging upon us in this place where we’re singing the song. We wanted this video, since it was the first thing we were rolling out from the project, to kind of capture all that, and hopefully people like it as much as we do. We’re really proud of this one.”

During the pandemic, Dan + Shay had a lot of extra time on their hands and were able to make what they call their “best album yet.” Shay told YouTube, “We’ve been working really hard, as a lot of artists have. You know, we’ve had a lot of time on our hands which, as artists, you don’t have that when you’re on the road ever. You usually are home for a couple months off the road, and you try to create your best music in that little amount of time that you’re given. So to have a full year at home for us was, like, that was a blessing in disguise.”

Dan + Shay’s album Good Things is set to be released on August 13. It is available for pre-order now. Dan had a lot to say about the upcoming album: “This album’s got a little bit of everything. There’s wedding songs on this album, there’s the sad, emo piano ballads for the people who loved Tequila on the last album. But there’s fun up-tempo stuff too. And in this tough period we were in, I feel like the best way to get through a tough time in life is to write about it, to pour your heart out onto the paper. And we just wrote a lot of hopeful stuff. We were anticipating this moment that we got to be back in the world, be back with the people we love again, be back on the road. We announced it to our fans that the album is available for pre-order. They need to learn the words before we get on the road ‘cause we're gonna play a lot of the new songs on the tour.”

Are you excited for Dan + Shay’s new album?? Listen to their new song below, and let us know what you think!


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