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Last Time Music Video- Parker Graye

Parker Graye’s newest single Last Time was released a few weeks ago, and the music video for it drops TODAY. It has been featured on 6 different Apple Music editorial playlists, and exceeded 42,600 streams on Apple Music so far.

I was honored to have Parker send me her song before it was released, and got excited when she sent me the video and teasers early as well! I love getting to promote an artist's work and support them on their musical journey, and Parker is just the sweetest person to support! I loved writing about this song when it was first released. Here is an excerpt from our original blog on Last Time that you can check out here: “And sometimes, you pick up what someone shattered so carelessly, and you turn it into beauty. That is exactly what Parker Graye has done with her newest single, Last Time.”

Parker’s video for Last Time is simple, yet perfectly matches the emotions of the song. Parker said of the video, “I wanted to create a piece that was cinematic and simple while also having depth and opportunities for interpretation.”

The video begins with a chair on it’s side, in a field. Parker drags the chair and puts it upright before sitting down to start the song. It is a close up shot, with just Parker’s knee-high white boots in the frame- a beautiful, focused look to start the video. When describing the video, Parker said, “The piece features myself and a singular chair, flipping between moments of hopefulness, helplessness, sadness, and anger.” A perfect description of both the video and the lyrics sung throughout.

This video was directed by Jonathan Spooner from Spooner Creative in Parker’s hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. When coming up with the concept for the video, Parker said, “Similar to the production of the song, I wanted the concept to be simple allowing the story to truly come through and for listeners to connect with me and the song on a deeper level.”

Watch the video below, and let me know what you think of the song in the comments! We love Parker Graye and look forward to watching her continue to succeed!


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