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The Worst Country Song Of All Time- Brantley Gilbert feat. Toby Keith & Hardy

I hadn’t heard about this song till I saw it on Apple Music’s Hot Country List. Before listening to it I looked at the artists and instantly felt my heart rate start to increase. How could a song titled The Worst Country Song of All Time be sung by Toby Keith, Brantley Gilbert, and Hardy?

It quickly dawned upon me that the song was surely a joke about things that would never be in a country song and I was correct! Every lyric in the song is the opposite of what every country music fan relates to; it's hysterical and a really neat idea. The song isn’t just a great idea, it's really catchy! I would expect nothing less from these 3 men, Hardy and Brantley Gilbert are a few of the men currently owning country music and Toby Keith will go down as one of the all time greats!

According to country music site, The Boot, Hardy was the one to have the idea for this song. He brought it up to Gilbert and a few others at a writing session. They laughed about the idea then laughed their way into writing a song. After the song was finished Gilbert knew Toby Keith needed to be on this song with him and Hardy. BG rang up Toby Keith and he was all about it, Toby Keith said, “since I’ve been involved in some of the best country songs of all time, I thought it’s fitting that I should be involved in one of the worst.”

The chorus is the best part of the song. All three sing it in unison. After hearing it once, you have it memorized, and it will stick in your head all day long.

I love cities and traffic jams

I don't want a house on a piece of land

I deserve a bunch of money and a minivan

But I don't wanna earn a dime

Old Yeller didn't make me sad

I think we should change the American flag, yeah

This is the worst country song of all time

I think It’d be cool to see the three of them do a follow up to this song, like a sequel? Give this song a listen and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading,

Jack Wilkinson

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