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She's in Love with the Boy (Acoustic)- Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood, a country icon, dropped some heat recently. Everyone knows her song, She’s In Love with the Boy. It’s a classic song about young love that’s still played on country radios across the nation. Personally, I love this song. I’ve probably listened to it over a thousand times and still get excited when I hear it playing.

This song was originally written by Jon Ims and recorded by Trisha Yearwood in 1991. It was the lead single off her debut album, Trisha Yearwood. For it’s 30th anniversary, Yearwood put out an acoustic version of the song and it is great! Her voice sounds the exact same three decades later, but the acoustic version gives it a much softer feel.

It seems like this is becoming a trend; a lot of the artists in the older generations are rerecording their music. I’m a big fan of it and hope more will jump on the bandwagon. I certainly wouldn’t mind if Trisha's husband, Garth Brooks, re-recorded some of his hits.

What songs from the past would you love to see re-recorded? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Jack Wilkinson

*Here is the YouTube video for the original version of She's In Love With The Boy. Check out the new acoustic version on any streaming service now!*

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