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One Night Stand- Kolby Cooper

Kolby Cooper is a name that kept on popping up on The Jukebox Junky’s social media accounts, so I searched for him on YouTube. After listening to a few of his songs I was blown away. I couldn't believe I hadn’t heard this fella before!

Of all his songs, I enjoyed One Night Stand the most. This song was released in August of 2020, and has recently gained a ton of popularity on the streaming charts.

The song is a breakup song, but it's a funny, feel good, breakup song. The song starts out with Kolby coming home one morning to see that his old lady left him and took everything they owned with her. Cooper realizes he has nothing but the clothes on his back so he does what any normal guy would do. HE GOES TO CRAIGSLIST!

Kolby’s Craigslist post is the chorus of the song:

“I said I need a couch and a fridge and a mattress

Could ya help an ol boy out if ya have it

Yeah, I need a lamp, shower curtain and a microwave

I don't need the whole table, just a TV tray

And if ya got one laying around, I'll take anything that makes a sound,

Cause she took all the records and the player too

If it works, that'll work... it ain't gotta be new

And since she's gone, I don't need one on each side of the bed

Naw, I just need one night stand

Naw, I just need one night stand”

As you can see above, one of the many things Kolby needs is one night stand. And that causes some funny misunderstandings. A married lady sees the ad and doesn’t understand he is talking about a physical night stand, not a “One Night Stand.” The verse goes like this: “And on my way to pick it up, I got a random text from a lady. She said, ‘I just saw your post. My husband's s'posed to leave the house around 8ish.’ I thought, ‘aww naw this ain't good.’ That poor ol gal musta misunderstood.”

I thought it was pretty funny stuff! The song isn’t just funny though, Kolby sings it incredibly. His vocals in this song are really unique and the fast pace keeps your attention. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kolby puts together this year. After looking at his website it seems he’s going to be playing a show almost every weekend until Christmas time. Check his tour dates here and see if he’s coming to a town near you!

Let me know what you think of Kolby in the comments!

Jack Wilkinson

P.S. Kolby if you are reading this, I’d love to chat with you sometime! You can check out our previous interview with Daniel E. Johnson here!

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