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Long Line of Lovers- Raleigh Keegan

Raleigh Keegan has incredible range and has put out some really great songs in recent years. My favorites include Drink for That, Handyman, Easy on the Trigger, and Way Back. However, my favorite song of his is Long Line of Lovers.

Raleigh starts the song explaining that he grew up in a family that loved the wrong things. Then the chorus sheds some light on the situation: “I come from a long line of lovers. Mama loved another and Daddy loved the hundred proof. Sister loved a real bad guy, Brother loved to get real high. And me, I've had my vices, but thank God these days mine is lovin' on you.”

The music is upbeat and fun to sing along to, but the lyrics show a deep, sad side to the story. He comes from a family full of addictions, but thankfully his vice is loving his wife. When talking about this song, Raleigh said, “you know I love clever country lyrics, but there is a big introspective sad man inside me too. That’s what I love about this song. It feels happy, but the lyric tells a story of struggle, generational sin, and how part of what helps me through that is my wife Shelby.”

There is a strong touch of soul in Raleigh’s style of country music. It is evident in the way he sings this song. Long Line of Lovers is a song that sounds perfect being sung around a campfire with friends, or screaming in the crowd of a concert. I love songs that can fit in both crowds.

Give Raleigh and this tune a listen and let me know what you think! We look forward to sharing more about Raleigh soon.

Jack Wilkinson

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