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I Got It All- Ray Fulcher

Ray Fulcher is someone I’ve been listening to for about 3 years now. He has a voice that isn’t comparable to any other artist; he truly has his own sound. When I first heard Ray I was sitting in my college apartment studying and his song “Anything Like You Dance” came on my country music shuffle. I instantly became a fan and have tried to follow his singing career, and songwriting career, ever since. I’ve also probably put over 100 people onto Ray in Southwest VA haha.

The song “I Got It All” is a true country song. It was written by Ray Fulcher, Jonathan Singleton, and Morgan Wallen. When describing the song, Fulcher wrote, “I think we all have our own version of a ‘clean bass tracker in the yard’. Those shiny things that take away your attention and intention towards the real stuff that matters most. We’re all human so we’re all guilty of it at some point or another.”

The song starts off talking about a few cool things the singer has and then the chorus comes in and goes like this:

“I got a clean bass tracker in the yard

I got a membership card at the bar

2 12's turned up thump thumping in the back seat

Living on ‘she's gone’ country songs and whiskey

I got free bird free

And backroad gone

Everything I ever wanted all along

I got it all wrong

I got it all wrong”

The next verse is where the listener really gets to know the singer's true feelings on his current situation.

"Careful what you wish for

You just might get it

Cause now I'm a believer

The grass ain't always greener

And better ain't always different

Living this redneck dream come true

But I just wish I had you"

He really hit the nail on the head there. From the outside looking in, it looks like he’s got it made and having a great time. But he’d rather just have his girl. A lot of fellas think their single buddies are having so much fun “living the redneck dream come true.” The fact of the matter is you may have fun in the short term but eventually you are going to want someone to live your life with it. We are not made to walk this life alone!

This song is great; from the message it sends, to his voice, to the tune, it’s one you can’t help but listen to over and over again. I love a lot of Ray’s music, and I’d encourage anyone reading to listen to him. A few favorites include Anything Like You Dance, Take Me Back Roads, Me & You, and Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of Ray Fulcher!

Jack Wilkinson

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