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I'd See You- Crawford and Power

I heard about Crawford and Power from my buddy Charlie Jackson. It was June three years ago, Charlie and I were working an early shift together and he started playing Crawford and Powers brand new EP “Play a Hank Jr. Song”. The first song that came on was “I’d See You” and I was instantly into it.

The song starts off pretty slow with Crawford’s unique voice. He's just naming things he’s never seen/done, then he bursts into the chorus and it sounds heavenly. I love when a song is going along slowly then the singers just open into it with everything they’ve got.

The chorus goes like this:

“I'd see you in a sundress wearin' my Ray-Bans, dancin' like nobody can see ya

You with your hair wet, soakin' up a sunset, barefoot on a Carolina beach

You lookin' in my eyes and tellin' me you'd never find another country boy like me

Sayin' that I'm your man right up to the very end, baby won't you marry me

If there's anything in this world I could see, I'd see you”

The next verse talks about more things they’ve never seen, then the chorus hits again, and there’s a nice little outro to finish this thing off. I’d highly recommend listening to this song, and all their other music while you’re at it.

There's a message to this song that's summed up in the last line of the chorus “If there’s anything in this world I could see, I’d see you.” This man would rather spend time with his wife than do all the crazy things single men get to do; good for him. I can relate to this, every now and then I’ll get invited to go do something that would be extremely fun, but sometimes in that moment I’d still rather go home and hang with my wife!

I was fortunate enough to see Crawford and Power open up for Cody Johnson at the Salem Civic Center a couple falls ago and THEY DIDN'T PLAY THIS SONG, which was slightly disappointing. I’m going to see them this evening at Old Town Fields in Shawsville, and I hope to hear this song!

Fellas, if you read this be sure to say “This ones for Jack & Jess” prior to singing this song this evening.

Thanks for reading!! Let me know what y’all think of them.

Jack Wilkinson

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