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Behind the Bar- Riley Green

Riley Green released his album Behind The Bar last Friday, July 2nd. The album has 7 songs on it, each one different from the other and are great! Also, it’s worth noting, Green is sporting an awesome Sam Elliot like mustache on the cover of the album. It leads me to the question, are mustaches the next thing to make a comeback? We all know 3 years ago mullets were not worn by the youths, nowadays you can’t go anywhere without seeing people with long shaggy mullets thanks to Morgan Wallen. Personally, I would love it if mustaches came back in style because that's the only facial hair I can grow.

The song Behind the Bar, written by Erik Dylan, Randy Montana, and Riley Green, is an awesome song about a place “behind the bar.”

The song starts off with the bar Riley and his friends have been hanging out at shutting down for the night. Riley, his lady, and his friends hear the classic line from the bar staff, “You ain't gotta go home now, but you can’t stay here.” Rather than going home Riley starts a new party “behind the bar.”

The song goes on to portray fun times they all have:

No last call, no closin' time

Baby, we stay open all night

Behind the bar, in the parkin' lot

Between the trucks and cars, there's a spot

Where the drinks are free, smoke is green

Tailgates down, wearin' boots and jeans

Everybody's livin' and lovin' and buzzin' underneath the neon stars

Behind the bar

This is just a feel good country song to sing along to. We were listening to it last night playing cornhole during our Fourth of July party. If you haven’t given this song, or his album, a listen yet you should! I’m very impressed by it.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of Riley Green’s new album!

Jack Wilkinson

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