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Bar Friends- Restless Road

I stumbled across Restless Road last Friday, June 11th, when their new song, Bar Friends, came out. On Friday mornings I listen to Apple Music's new country playlists. Bar Friends by Restless Road was the first song that came on, and I’d listened to the whole thing before I got to the end of my driveway. I then listened to it on repeat the entire ride to work. I blasted the song all weekend long and listened to the other music Restless Road has put out also.

After listening to these fellas and doing some research, I’m a fan! The band’s made up of three guys: Zach Beeken, Garrett Nichols, and Colton Pack. Each one brings a unique set of skills to the band that makes this group special.

Recently Restless Road performed on the CMT awards with Kane Brown. They sang Worship You by Kane Brown and it sounded incredible. They also got to sing the song Bar Friends. The videos for these performances can be found on the band's Twitter.

I really like the song Bar Friends. The tune of the music is a good, fast paced rhythm, and the singers sound great together. I also can relate to this song. The song is about how the singers have their “Bar Friends”, which are the guys that are there for them no matter what. As I listened to this tune over and over I thought about how I have my own “Bar Friends” . My friends and I don’t spend much time at the bar these days; there's a lot of other things we’d rather be doing haha, but the point is still the same. I have a lot of guys in my life who I could call at any moment and they would be there for me no matter what. I’ve known most of my “Bar Friends” my whole life.

I’m blessed with great friends and family, and I think we can all relate to this song. Take a listen to Bar Friends and let me know what you think!


Jack Wilkinson

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