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The Best Of Tyler Farr

I’ve been listening to Tyler Farr since he released his album Redneck Crazy in 2013. I still remember exactly where I was when I first listened to Redneck Crazy, I was a sophomore in high school riding around in my friend Robert's truck. We listened to the entire album and I knew I was a Tyler Farr fan for good.

Tyler’s an extremely unique country singer, he has his own style and his own sound that all his fans love. Tyler has what most would call a “no nonsense” attitude and takes his work in the music industry very seriously while also having a fun time!

In honor of Tyler Farr being at our local country club Sidewinders tomorrow night I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite songs of his.

#1 Redneck Crazy - This was the title track to Farr’s debut album. When this was first released it was played over and over and over again on every country radio station in America. The story behind the song is that Tyler Farr found out his lady was cheating on him, she drove the singer “Redneck Crazy.” This song sounds good, is sad, and funny all in one. Make sure to know every word of this before you see Farr in concert, everyone else will be singing along!

#2 Whiskey In My Water - This is a fast paced, melodious love song. The singer highlights how awesome his lady is. My favorite line from this song is, “Everyday I thank God I got her, she's the moon in my shine, the whiskey in my water.”

#3 A Guy Walks Into A Bar - This is another favorite of Farr’s fans. The song portrays the story of a guy walking into a bar, meeting a nice woman who eventually leaves; then the guy walks back into a bar. Rinse, repeat. An incredible story that is so true for so many people I know. The amount of short lived relationships that happen from people meeting at bars is staggering.

I’m pumped that Tyler Farr is going to be in town tomorrow night, and I can guarantee he’ll be playing each of those songs. Let me know what your favorite Tyler Farr song is in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Jack Wilkinson

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