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Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer by Sammy Kershaw

“Queen of My Double Wide Trailer” sung by Sammy Kershaw, written by Dennis Linde, and released in August of 1993 is a classic country banger. Sammy Kershaw’s ability to relate to the blue collar crowd in this hit is incredible. Kershaw’s voice fits perfectly with this song and it’s really stood the test of time. I still hear it on the radio almost weekly!

The song is about Kershaw finding a nice lady at “Murphy's” restaurant. They hit it off instantly so Kershaw took her home and made her the Queen of his double wide trailer. The chorus of the song indicates that she takes off often and Sammy has to go find her. Sure enough he finds her on a park bench with a mechanic named Earl, he takes her back home and she lives out her days as the queen of his double wide trailer!

Not only is the song hysterical and catchy, you really get to hear the power of Kershaw’s voice when he belts out “She's The QUEEEEEN” at the end. If you haven't heard this song make sure to give it a listen!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! Below is the hysterical music video!

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