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That's What I Love About Sunday- Craig Morgan

In November of 2004 Craig Morgan released the song That's What I Love About Sunday, written by Adam Dorsey and Mark Namore. The song was Morgan’s first number one single and spent 4 weeks on top of the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Singles and Tracks Chart.

This has to be one of the most overplayed songs on country radio of all time, especially on Sundays, but nevertheless, it is an awesome song. The song encapsulates everything a Sunday is for most country music listeners. For most, Sunday is a relaxing family day. The chores, work, and worries of the other days of the week are replaced with church, good conversations, relaxing, watching sports, and eating good food. Sundays are my favorite day of the week; it’s a day that I don’t feel like I have to constantly be going. It's a day I can just relax and enjoy all God’s given me.

In Craig Morgan’s song the chorus goes like this:

That's what I love about Sunday

Sing along as the choir sways

Every verse of Amazing Grace

An' then we shake the Preacher's hand

Go home, into your blue jeans

Have some chicken an' some baked beans

Pick a back yard football team

Not do much of anything

That's what I love about Sunday

That chorus paints the picture for a perfect Sunday. In an interview, Morgan told Billboard, "What the fans say, and what we hear, is that I make a big deal out of the little things in life. And that is who I am. It's those little things in life that are important to me. Simple things like the smell of fresh cut grass. That's what 'Sunday' was about."

Craig Morgan has stayed true to making music that aligns to his above quote for over 15 years now. These same principles can be found in all his songs. If you want to hear more music from Craig, give his latest album God, Family, Country a listen.

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday! Also, Craig, if you read this I’d love to chat with you sometime. I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 7.

Jack Wilkinson

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