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Jordan Davis: Buy Dirt - EP Breakdown

I first saw Jordan Davis live in September of 2017. He wasn’t well known, had 8k followers on Instagram, and had one single on country radio: Singles You Up. He had released Slow Dance in a Parking Lot to streaming services a few months earlier, but it would be over a year and a half before it hit radio streams. Jordan was visiting my little town, and most people came to the show to see the local cover band before him. My sister and I stayed front and center during Davis’ set, and met him afterwards to tell him how much we loved his music and to ask when we would get to hear more. He was appreciative, noticed us singing the words to his songs that most didn’t know yet, and said an album would be coming out soon. I loved every minute of that show, and hoped he would make it big someday. From the beginning I knew he had the potential to make it big, as long as he got the recognition and air time he deserved.

Three and a half years later, Jordan Davis is a well known name in country music. He released a full length album, Home State, in 2018, the Jordan Davis EP in May 2020, and his new EP, Buy Dirt, was just released on May 21. Here is a breakdown of each song on Buy Dirt:

1. Blow Up Your TV

The EP starts with a 49 second snippet of Davis covering John Prine’s Spanish Pipedream. His voice sounds faint and distant, like it is coming from an old radio. The transition from this song to the next, Buy Dirt, is so incredibly seamless that you don’t even know the songs are separate if you aren’t paying attention.

2. Buy Dirt

The title track off the EP, Buy Dirt, is a family driven song. The first verse is about his grandfather, and the lyrics of the chorus describe a perfect, simple life that focuses on what truly matters.

“Buy dirt

Find the one you can't live without

Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground

Do what you love but call it work

And throw a little money in the plate at church

Send your prayers up and your roots down deep

Add a few limbs to your family tree

And watch their pencil marks

And the grass in the yard all grow up"

These lyrics truly depict the dream for my life. A piece of land, the love of my life, and our family. It doesn’t get any better. Adding Luke Bryan to this song was a perfect move by Davis. He fits this song so well, and gives Jordan Davis’ name more recognition through his fan base.

3. Need To Not

This is a song about a guy trying to resist the urge to drive back to his ex-girlfriend's house. The familiar drive pulls him back to her, even when he knows it’s a bad idea. It’s the kind of advice that you wish you would listen to, but know you won’t. The music of this song is upbeat and fun to listen to, but mixed with the lyrics, Need to Not can sting when you are in a fresh break-up. Even years down the road in a happy relationship, this song can bring you straight back to those fresh feelings of navigating life without the person you thought you’d be with.

4. Drink Had Me

Drink Had Me is a song about a guy who was planning to just go to bed, until his boys convinced him to come out for just one drink. It was all well and good, until that drink had him going right back to his ex. Blame it on the alcohol, he woke up in a familiar bed that he should not be in. This song makes me think of every college town with their bars, break ups and make ups. The tune is a fun one to sing and dance along to- I can picture this one being a hit at live shows.

5. Lose You

The first verse of Lose You depicts a couple at a table; the girl is on her phone, the guy looks like he’d rather be alone, and it’s obvious that whatever relationship they have is about to be over. The scene makes the singer tell his partner he never wants to lose her. You can hear the sincerity in the lyrics of the chorus: “I don't wanna know what it's like to lose you, 'cause people break up, fall in and outta love. But giving this up is something I just won't do, and I don't wanna give you a reason to leave me; watch you drive off in the night. I never wanna feel that freedom that people say they find”. Lose you makes you realize that sometimes seeing other people's pain reminds you to appreciate and hold on tight to what you have.

6. Almost Maybes

Almost Maybes was released to country radio last May. It is a song about past relationships that didn’t work out, and appreciating them because they brought you to the life you have now. He goes through stories of different break ups, from the girls that ghosted him, to the “it ain’t me it’s you’s”, to summer loves that ended by September. All the Almost Maybes brought him to his wife and their love they get to share forever.

7. I Still Smoked

I Still Smoked is a song reminiscing on the beginning of a love story. The first few lines tell every little memory, from what she was wearing, to what was playing on the radio, to how the air was cold on that early October day. The chorus tells about their young, carefree love that began their relationship. The way the lyrics describe the beginnings of their love story shows they have grown and matured as they’ve gotten older together. This is one of my favorites on Davis’ EP, and makes me think back on the start of my relationship with my husband. The memories we make now might be more mature from when we first started dating, but the love is still the same.

8. Trying

Trying is the slowest paced song on this EP. It is full of emotions and the man’s desire to love his partner well. He knows he isn’t perfect and she deserves the world, but he’ll keep trying every day to give her the love she is worthy of. It is a beautiful song of love, perseverance, and humility.


Jordan Davis is going on tour this fall with Seaforth and Mackenzie Porter. Tickets are on sale now at

I use Spotify every day to listen to old favorites and discover new music. But most people close to me know I am a sucker for physical music- whether it’s vinyl, full length cds, or a handmade mix- the artists I truly love get a special place on my bookshelf and car console. Jordan Davis has been right there with the rest of them since 2018 when Home State first came out. I hope you support him and make room for him in your music library as well.

Have a favorite Jordan Davis song? Been a fan of him for years, or just now discovering him? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to know :)


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Emily S
Emily S
Jun 08, 2021

That was such a great concert! Love JDavis! :)


Jennifer Hunter
Jennifer Hunter
Jun 07, 2021

Sounds so good! Can't wait to get it!!

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