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Dillon Carmichael: Hot Beer - EP Breakdown

I was sitting at a train stop one day a few weeks ago waiting for it to pass by when one of my buddys texted me to listen to the song “Hot Beer” by Dillon Carmichael. I cranked it up loud and instantly loved the music and the hysterical lyrics. I couldn’t wait for Carmichaels full EP to come out… it finally did and it doesn’t disappoint!

Below is my breakdown on each of the songs on Carmichaels EP Hot Beer.

1. Hot Beer

This song is my favorite of the EP and its hysterical… There are plenty of songs with lines that make you laugh but this song makes you laugh the entire way through. Hot Beer is a breakup song that skips the breakup and cuts straight to the girl apologizing and wanting the man back. When she shows back up, Carmichael wants absolutely nothing to do with her and goes on to list a ton of things he would rather do than take her back, the worst of which is to “Drink a hot beer.”

Below is the hilarious chorus listing all the things Carmichael would do instead of taking his crazy ex back.

I’d rather drink a hot beer

Build a fire in the pourin’ rain

Burn all of my fishing gear

Then set sail in a hurricane

Go hunting with an empty gun

And see a once in a lifetime deer

Work a Saturday just for fun

Then come home and drink a hot beer

My favorite part of the song is the bridge; the beat switches up a little bit and Carmichael goes in on his ex.

Come home and drink a skunked, old, totally not cold

Flat and scratched ‘cause its done been rolled

In the back of the bed with the trash and the tools

Hell, Id even pop an O’Douls over you

2. Big Truck

Dillon Carmichael wrote this song with David Lee Murphy and Jesse Alexander. He showed up to the songwriting session with only one idea in his head that he wasn’t confident in. “She only loves me because I’m big and sexy.” After some laughs and writing, the rest was history. They wrote this song about all the “big things” his girl loves about him, from his belt buckle, to his bear hugs, to his big truck. It’s a fun, feel good song that sounds like it's straight from the 90s. I can’t wait to hear this one live with everyone singing along!

3. Lucky Man

This is Carmichael's version of Lucky Man, the song was originally released and sung by Montgomery Gentry in 2006. I’m extremely familiar with this song because my dad has always loved it. Even though I’ve heard it sung by MG so many times, I like Carmichaels version a lot more…his voice is perfect for this song. It sounds so much like the original, with Dillon's own spin on it. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing this one sung by him in concert.

Also, fun fact, Carmichael is the nephew of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry and John Michael Montgomery. You can tell just by their voices in this song that they are related. That family has got some fire power….

4. Somewhere She Ain't

When listening to this song you're exposed to a much more sentimental version of Carmichaels voice. Rather than ripping into the lyrics full throttle, he sings this one pretty softly. The song is about a guy needing to get somewhere where he doesn’t have memories with his old flame… unfortunately the oll boy’s got memories with her everywhere. He can’t escape her, and the desperation in the bridge tells it all: “I can’t go to Kentucky, ‘Cause that’s where she’s from. There’s a memory in Memphis, I’ll never outrun. I can’t go to Carolina. That's her middle name. But I gotta go somewhere, somewhere she ain’t.” Sad stuff.

5. Since You’ve Been In It

Great song, great beat, it's just a fun jam. One lyric can sum up the whole song “thought I had it made. Girl I’ll admit it, didn’t know what I was missing ‘til you walked in, and ever since then.. my world’s been better since you’ve been in it” This song hits home pretty hard if you have someone who genuinely makes that line true!! Since You’ve Been In It makes me wanna dance with my girl on the lawn of an outdoor concert.

6. Sawin' Logs

This is another funny one, full of innuendos that you can’t help but laugh at (and probably relate to). Some may say it’s slightly inappropriate, but I think it's hilarious. The song starts with his girl finishing her box of wine, and giving him *that* look. He gets excited, runs to the store for more wine and comes back expecting to “get to making all kinds of love,” just to find her passed out on the couch. The funniest and most relatable part of the song is when he gets back from the store:

Well I didn’t know what to do

Cleared my throat a time or two

Stomped all around the room

Well she hardly made a move

I got more than my hopes up

But I guess that window’s shut”

Moral of the story is this guy was trying to heat it up with his old lady, but she started sawing logs before the party could get started. I’d say most married men have experienced this scenario a time or two.


After listening to Dillon Carmichael’s new EP, “Hot Beer”, there is no denying that he is true country. His songwriting and music sounds like he came straight from the 90s, when country music was king. I’m pumped that I found Dillon and am really looking forward to watching his success as the years go by. I have no doubt he has what it takes to be a top dog in country music.

Thanks for reading, and let me know in the comments which song is your favorite off the EP.

Jack W

P.S. Dillon, if you're reading this I want to interview you. Message us on Instagram @TheJukeboxJunky.

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