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Home- Alan Jackson

Home by Alan Jackson was originally recorded on Alan Jackson’s first album, Here In the Real World, which was released in 1990. Alan later added this song to his greatest hits album and has sang the song every time I’ve seen him in concert. The first time I heard him sing the song live he said “I wrote this song within the first few weeks of living in Nashville. I was so homesick, so the only thing I could write a song about was home.”

Home is one of the most wholesome songs in all of country music. Rather than singing about drinking, cheating, and other things, Alan is singing about his upbringing in Georgia, his parents, and the house he grew up in.

The first part of the song goes like this:

In a small town down in Georgia

Over forty years ago

Her maiden name was Musey

Till she met that Jackson boy

They married young like folks did then

Not a penny to their name

They believed the one you vowed to love

Should always stay the same

And on the land his daddy gave him

A foundation underway

For a love to last forever

Or until there dying days

They built a love that's strong enough

To stand the test of time

And a place for us to turn to

When our lives were in a bind

Jackson gives listeners and fans a tremendous amount of insight into the early years of his life in those verses. The main takeaway for me is that his parents felt very strongly about each other and felt very strongly about their marriage vows.

Jackson then busts into the chorus:

And they made their house from a toolshed

Grandaddy rolled out on two logs

And they built walls all around it

And they made that house a home

And they taught us 'bout good living

And taught us right from wrong

Lord, there'll never be another place

In this world that I'll call home

What an incredible story. Hard to believe that the great Alan Jackson was raised in what was once a tool shed! In March of this year, Alan and his wife sold their estate in Franklin, Tennessee for 19 million dollars. That’s a pretty large step up from a tool shed.

In the next couple verses Jackson sings about his mother and father:

My mama raised five children

Four girls and there was me

She found her strength in faith of God

And a love of family

She never had a social life

Home was all she knew

Except the time she took a job

To pay a bill or two

And my daddy skinned his knuckles

On the cars that he repaired

He never earned much money

But he gave us all he had

He never made the front page

But he did the best he could

Folks drove the cars from miles around

And let 'em look underneath the hood

Jackson’s parents remind me a lot of my parents. They aren’t flashy people, just hard workers for their family. If there were more parents like mine and Alan’s, the world would be a lot better place.

The song finishes off with Alan busting out the chorus again, and as always, it sounds incredible. If you haven’t heard this song I strongly encourage you to do so!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Jack Wilkinson

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