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The Throwback: June 15

Number One Songs On This Day: June 15

2019: God’s Country - Blake Shelton

God’s Country was written by Devin Dawson, Jordan Schmidt, and Hardy. They wrote the song on a Thursday, and by Monday, Blake Shelton had already recorded it. He fell in love with the song the first second he heard it. Shelton was working on his farm in Oklahoma when he heard the song, and felt like he was relating to every line while hearing it. He says that while the song was relating specifically to his life in Oklahoma, he also feels like this song can be interpreted to be relatable anywhere. Everywhere you are is “God’s Country”, and it can also be a state of mind. God’s Country was the number one song for 5 weeks, and won Single of the Year at both the CMA and ACM awards in 2020. It was also nominated for a Grammy in 2020.

2003: Beer For My Horses- Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

Beer For My Horses was the number one song in country music on this day in 2003. It was written by Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick. The lyric “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses” came from a line from the 1975 film, Bite the Bullet. Beer For My Horses was the number one song for 6 weeks, and also made Willie Nelson the oldest country chart topper in history at the time- he was 70 years old. The video shows Keith, Nelson, and Corin Nemec as detectives trying to catch a serial killer. I was 11 when the music video was released, and 18 years later I still vividly remember the video playing on CMT every day. It went on to be nominated for Video of the Year at the ACM Awards in 2004.

1987: Forever and Ever, Amen- Randy Travis

Forever and Ever, Amen was the number one song in country music on this day in 1987. It was written by esteemed songwriters of the 80s, Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz. The song idea came about when Schlitz’s son would end his nightly prayers and tell his mom, “Mommy, I love you forever and ever, amen.” Travis released the song, and it went on to stay at number one for three weeks. Forever and Ever, Amen won many awards, including a Grammy for Best Country and Western Song, as well as Song of the Year at both the CMA and ACM award shows. The song is a forever classic, and continues to be rerecorded by artists, including Josh Turner and Ronan Keating with Shania Twain. Despite Randy Travis’s stroke in 2013, he still attends live events and has been seen performing the final “Amen” in the song with other artists.


Other notable number ones on this day in country music:

2012: Good Girl- Carrie Underwood

2011: Old Alabama- Brad Paisley feat. Alabama

2009: Then- Brad Paisley

1996: Blue Clear Sky- George Strait

1993: Should’ve Been a Cowboy- Toby Keith

1970: Hello Darlin- Conway Twitty

Which number one listed is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Emily S
Emily S

I loved Beer For My Horses Way too much for an 11 year old kid! 😂 All great songs here!

Jessica Hunter
Jessica Hunter

Oh yeah we did! 😂

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