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Tell You Everything - Robyn Ottolini

After a string of bad relationships, Robyn Ottolini was ready to take a break from dating, find herself, and get stronger. Then, like many love stories, someone came around and changed it all.

The shift in Robyn’s writing from F-150 to Tell You Everything is the kind of change I. LIVE. FOR. Going through experiences and relationships that challenge you, break you to strengthen you, and remind you what you never want again, and then finding the one who made it all worth it, that you can appreciate so much more because of your past experiences; It is the glow up we love to see!

Robyn wrote Tell You Everything exactly 7 days after meeting her now boyfriend (on Valentines Day! Could it be any better?!), when she realized this guy was different. The lyrics tell it all: “Usually I hate every guy that I meet, There's something 'bout the way you look at me. Usually I keep all my thoughts to myself, But you're the first one I wanna tell..”

I was single for most of my twenties. I was a self-declared “independent woman” who was surely not going to be bothered by not having a boyfriend. One summer my now-husband came along, and just like Robyn’s song, he changed everything. I wasn’t the reserved person I once was. I felt safe, free to tell him everything, and he didn’t run away. We’ve been happily in love ever since.

Robyn has a knack for writing specific lyrics about her life that gives us an inside look into her story, but we can all feel deeply and relate to. Her music is full of breakup anthems that make you want to drive around at night with the windows down, screaming every lyric (even if you’ve been in a happy relationship for years), and then jam to songs like Tell You Everything, thankful for the life you’re living now with the one you love. Robyn is definitely one to watch in country music.

Give Robyn Ottolini a listen, and let us know what you think below! We don’t think you’ll be disappointed :)

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