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Parker McCollum Super Fan Goes To The Extreme

Our Jukebox Junky twitter account follows several country artists, one of which is the popular country singer Parker McCollum. On Friday, June 25th, 2021, I was scrolling through our twitter feed and saw where Parker had retweeted a young lady named Lakota Goe’s tweet.

Not only did Parker like the tweet, he also retweeted it for all his loyal followers to see. After Parker did this, Lakota’s twitter notifications were flooded with Parker McCollum's fans giving different suggestions, some of which were funny like the one below.

After seeing this, I assumed Lakota wasn’t actually going to follow through with this tattoo, but she proved me and many other doubters wrong. Around 1 pm the next day Lakota tweeted out proof that she kept her word.

I was pretty surprised that she’d be willing to tattoo a country singer's nickname on her inner lip, so I reached out to Lakota to see what possessed her to do this. When asked, she responded, “I’ve been a fan of Parker for a long time and he never replied to me on Instagram so I had to take an extreme hahaha”. I’d say this is pretty extreme, definitely the most extreme thing I’ve seen a fan do in a long time! Good work Lakota!

I wanted to know more about Lakota’s fanship of Parker and she was more than willing to share with us. When I asked, “What do you like most about Parker?” Lakota answered, “Well, let’s be honest. Parker is the most handsome man on this planet but I love his voice, his concerts are awesome.” She also mentioned that her favorite song of Parker's is Meet You In The Middle.

I asked Lakota what her dream date with Parker was and it’s obvious she had thought about it beforehand! Her answer was “Being on a day date with him while he is getting ready for a concert and then being backstage.”

I wondered if there had been any behind the scenes communication between Parker and Lakota but her response to that was, “All he did was retweet my tweet and picture so that’s all I can ask for!!” Lakota is a pretty good sport; if I permanently tattooed someone's nickname on me, I would like for them to at least shoot me a DM! I have a feeling that's coming in the near future.

Thanks to Lakota for being a good sport and a great country music fan. Go give her a follow on Twitter @GoeLakota

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/heard of someone doing to get a celebrity's attention?

Jack Wilkinson


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