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I See Country- Ian Munsick

Ian Munsick is an up and coming country singer from Sheridan, Wyoming, a town surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. He hit the nail on the head with this song. The words flow with the upbeat tempo perfectly making it a nice “sing along song”. The song illustrates that Ian see’s “country” everywhere. He’s referring to seeing the love of country music and country culture everywhere he goes.

The chorus goes like this:

Its in the lights of New York, the hills of LA

Everybody got their own honky tonk way

Down to Carolina and up to Idaho

They all want some porch swingin’, pickin on that banjo

They like to dance to the songs we’re singing’

Cant get enough of the whiskey we’re drinkin’

All want a piece of that homegrown feelin’

It ain't just here or there, I see country everywhere.

The song was inspired by a trip Ian, his father, and his two brothers took to France to play a show for a rodeo crowd. After a flight across the ocean and then a several hour train ride Ian found himself in the same environment he just left, a country environment. When Ian saw all the cowboy boots and cowboy hats the name of the song hit him, “I See Country.”

This song is third on the track list of Ian’s newest album “Coyote Cry” . Be sure to give it a listen when you get a chance. This song is definitely my favorite from the album but I would also encourage everyone to listen to the song “Long Haul” . This song really shows off what Ian’s voice can do!

I’m looking forward to following Ian’s career as he gains in popularity over here on the east coast. You can see Ian live in Lynchburg, VA at the DeVault Vineyards on Friday, June 11. Go to for tickets. Let me know if you think you can “see country everywhere” as well and feel free to share a story like Ian’s if you have one.


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