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Good Old Days - Daniel E Johnson

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I often take my dog for a walk in the morning before I get ready and head to work. When I walk I’m always listening to music, and this particular morning I was scrolling through my library and couldn’t find anything I was interested in listening to. I ended up clicking shuffle on Apple Music’s “New Country” playlist.

The song “Good Old Days” by Daniel E Johnson came on. I instantly grinned because I knew by the way it started that I was going to love it. The song starts off with a banjo, then the rest of the band jumps in quickly and gives you a very “sitting on the front porch'' vibe. I enjoyed the song so much that I continued to listen to it on repeat for my entire mile and a half walk.

Daniel Johnson’s voice and the lyrics run along with the twang of the song perfectly. My friends and I can relate to just about all the lines in the song… the most relatable ones being: Wintergreen Skoal Can, Pump twelve gauge all you need to get the job done, Local station playing on an old F.M. Dial. If you’re reading this I’m sure you can identify with more than just those three lines as well.

The chorus goes like this, “Damn how things have changed, From when we grew up that way, I wish I knew then it was the good old days, Back in the good old days”. When I heard that line I started thinking about all the fun times I had as a child and teenager... My childhood/teenage years were incredible. I have so many memories from back then I should write a massive book made up of just short stories. Even though those years were great I often looked forward to what was next in life, I don’t think I fully appreciated how awesome I had it at the time.

As awesome as my life was back then, it’s nowhere close to how great it is now. Now I have a stronger relationship with God, amazing friends and family, and the best wife a guy could ask for; It makes me think I just might be living in the good old days right now too!

Thanks for reading, give this song a listen, and let me know in the comments what songs take you back to the good old days!


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1 Comment

Jessica Hunter
Jessica Hunter
May 31, 2021

Love this song! Definitely living in the good old days right now :)

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