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A Peek Into Jess's Spotify Library

Most days I just listen to the top of my Spotify library; The songs I’ve saved lately and can’t stop listening to. I rarely listen to the old songs in my library, unless I’m picking a specific song from the past. But today, I put my entire Spotify library on shuffle, and these were the first ten country songs that played (maybe you’ll find some inspiration to listen to a song you haven’t heard before, or to revisit an old favorite!):

Halloween: Walker Hayes feat. Nicolle Galyon

I was obsessed with this song for a long time. Walker Hayes 8 tracks have some of my favorite songs- they’re real, emotional, and show a true side of him that new fans might not be familiar with. I was so glad when he put the 8tracks back out into the world! This one is a great song about finding someone who lets you be free to be your true self, dropping the act you’ve held for everyone else.

Good Old Days: Daniel E Johnson

This song was one of the first blog posts we ever did for The Jukebox Junky! (You can check it out here.) It is still my favorite song of Daniel E Johnson’s. I can never skip it when it comes on, and alway sing along to it. This song is about wishing you knew when you were in the “good old days” while you were in them. It’s a hit!

Think & Drive: Seth Ennis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every Seth Ennis song is fire. This one is right there with Woke Up In Nashville with the feels. It’s a breakup song about driving, and thinking about your ex, and inevitably ending back up on their doorstep.

On My Way to You: Cody Johnson

My husband has always been a huge fan of Cody Johnson. He is the one who introduced me to him a few years ago, starting with this song. He sings about his life and the road he took to get to his wife. It’s a sweet song that reminds me of the beginning of mine and my husband’s relationship when we first started dating- one of the songs we would listen to and send to each other because we related to them.

Feelin’ It: Scotty McCreery

This is on every summer playlist I’ve made since this song came out. This song makes me so happy in the summer, and so sad in the winter just waiting for the seasons to change. Scotty has a lot of great songs (I was kind of obsessed with him in his American Idol days), but this one is definitely near the top of the list!

Craving You: Thomas Rhett feat. Maren Morris

I love Thomas Rhett. His family is the cutest family in all of country music, hands down. They just seem like such great, kind people. I have most of his songs saved to my library, and this song was a nice surprise to hear for the first time in a while. The video to this song seemed so out of Thomas Rhett’s normal realm, but I loved it. He has some really good music videos, and this one was like a little movie.

Strip It Down: Luke Bryan

I used to be obsessed with Luke Bryan. For about the first 5-7 years of his career, my sister and I knew every song, and saw him in concert every time he was within a 3 hour radius of us. After a while we cooled off on the obsession, and it’s only recently that I’ve started to really listen his music again. I was actually surprised this song was saved in my library. It isn’t one of my favorites of his (his Doin’ My Thing album will always be the best), but it is still a good one!

Babe: Sugarland feat. Taylor Swift

I was so happy when this song came out, because it was written by Taylor Swift. It was originally supposed to go on her Red album, but didn’t make the cut. That is my favorite album of hers, so it’s no surprise I loved this song when Sugarland released it 6 years later. They sound so great together!

Leaving New Orleans: Jordan Davis

I’ve said before on our blog about how much I love Jordan Davis (you can check that out here). This song makes me love Louisiana and I’ve never even been there. The way he describes all the things he loves and will miss about his home state, but has to leave anyway to get away from the memories of his ex-girlfriend; It’s a good one. I’m always a sucker for breakup songs.

Higher Wire: Eric Church

This is another song my husband was obsessed with, so it ended up in my library. I just looked up the lyrics to this song, and I’m realizing now I never understood most of the words he was singing in this song, I just loved the way he sang it haha. It’s a love song, in Eric Church’s unique, sometimes out-there way of songwriting.


This was a fun change-up to our usual blog posts! Let me know: What are the first three songs that play from your library when you shuffle?


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