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23 - Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham was this years American Idol winner. Shortly after winning, his single, “23”, topped the iTunes Charts.

Chayce, a former forklift operator, is 24 years old and from Apple Valley, California.

He sang his original song, “23”, for an American idol performance. He wrote the song after being involved in a drunk driving accident after which he decided to turn his life around and was inspired to write the song.

In an interview, Chayce says he was at a low point in his life when he decided to write the song. He had gotten in trouble with the law, had lost his house, his girlfriend, his dog, and his mom had to pick him up from jail.

The song opens with a guitar and a catchy beat. When I first heard Chayce’s voice, it reminded me of Whiskey Myers. The song talks about how Chayce started drinking when he was 17. The chorus highlights that now he’s 23 and at the height of his drinking problem; then he’s sober by 24.

Currently, Chayce has only released the song “23” and “Mama”. “Mama” is a song he sang on American idol about his mother.

I’m sure Chayce has some big projects in the works and I’m excited to see how his career progresses.

Virginia Jones

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Jack Wilkinson
12 de jun. de 2021

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