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Potholes and Pine Trees- Brandon Elder

UNDERRATED ALERT: Potholes and Pine Trees by Brandon Elder. This song is the epitome of small town living. Thanks to my buddy and fellow Junky, Smitty, for the recommendation. Potholes and Pine Trees isn’t a new song by any means, (Elder released it in 2019 along with 4 other songs on the EP Potholes and Pine Trees) but it's new to me!

This song hits home for me big time. If you live in town but grew up in the country this song illustrates what you’ve thought about a million times.

The chorus goes like this:

“So take me back where the fields are green and no-cab tractors fill these streets.

Never had to pick where we was ‘gon eat ‘cause Granny’s got it cooking right up the street.

And hanging with your buddies on a Friday night. We didn't have much but we had all night.

Singing along to every Luke Combs song. Houston we ain't got no problem at all.

This beautiful crazy life, man, it's all I need. It’s full of potholes and pine trees."

Elder’s voice is low and steady throughout the whole song giving it a nice homey feeling. If I had to compare his voice to a famous country singer I couldn’t - which is a good thing!

Also, shout out to Elder for throwing some nice Luke Combs references in this song. The line “Houston we ain’t got no problem at all” is of course a reference to Luke Combs’ song Houston We Got a Problem and the line “This beautiful crazy life, man, it’s all I need” is a reference to Combs’ song Beautiful Crazy. Both are great songs that every country music fan should listen to!

Brandon has some other great songs too. Some of my favorites include:

  • Backroad Saturday Night

  • Gone

  • Aint Going Home Tonight

Hopefully we will get a chance to interview Brandon soon. I’d love to know what he is working on!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of Brandon Elder.


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