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Why Jukebox Junky?

When I was a kid my dad would take me to a steakhouse in town often. We’d always go in the evenings so we’d have to wait to be seated on big wooden benches next to the hostess stand. Directly across from the bench was a massive, wooden framed, old school Jukebox. One evening Dad let me pick a song to play on it so I picked my favorite, Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee. Once the beginning of the song started the atmosphere of the steak house changed to a party. People with completely different backgrounds were tapping their foot to the music, smiling, and singing along. I looked around and had the realization that country music can bring an entire room together! Since that night I’ve been hooked on getting control of the JukeBox / Aux cord wherever I am. Regardless of the situation, or the audience, I’m always itching to share new country music that just came out or old music that I think others will enjoy.

My friends that will contribute to this website also share a love for country music. If you have had a love for country music for years, or are just now starting to listen to it, please consider visiting this site often and engaging with other Jukebox Junkys.

Thanks and remember, Country lives here!


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