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The Faces of The Jukebox Junky

It’s The Jukebox Junky’s first month birthday! And we figured it’s about time to show the faces behind the scenes. I’m Jess, the wife of The Jukebox Junky duo!

If you know my husband in real life, you know Jack is a boisterous, spontaneous person. He is terrible at planning ahead, but goes head first confidently into any idea on a whim. My friends at work always laugh at my stories about Jack, because you never know what is coming next from him, but it is also never surprising what wild ideas he has come up with from day to day. All that to say, I am his balancer. I like to be made aware of plans well in advance, so I can overthink and weigh the pros and cons. I am also so crazy-in-love with Jack, that he somehow whisks me away on most of his wild ideas with no complaints (okay, some complaints. I can’t be as care-free as him all the time haha). Where Jack is the most extroverted extrovert ever, I am equally as reserved and introverted. I think things through. I know where every single item is in our house, while he can’t find something right in front of his face. Balance. :)

In true Jack and Jess form, this blog came about quite spontaneously. We’ve always been passionate about country music (our first date was a concert!), and always kind of mentioned how cool it would be to do something related to the country music industry. One night, Jack tossed around the idea of making a blog about country music. We talked back and forth about different things we would write about, what our niche would be, what we would name it, etc. The next day, we both sat at our computers doing some research on the idea. I was writing a potential blog for July 1st, to give us time to prep and get an idea of how this would work. Before I even finished writing the blog, Jack turned his computer around and said, “I’ve bought the website and The Jukebox Junky is going live right now. Let’s do this thing.” I just laughed. I should’ve known at the time that he couldn’t possibly wait a month to start something he already loved so much. That’s my husband for you.

While we both run The Jukebox Junky together, we each have our strong suits as well. Jack is the best at discovering new artists. He is listening to music 24/7 and always playing new artists I hadn’t even heard of before. Jack also runs our Twitter account for the most part, while I run our Instagram account (both @thejukeboxjunky). When we do interviews, Jack does the talking (my sweet extrovert), while I listen closely right beside him, hanging on every word (introvert who cannot speak real words to people and sound coherent) and then writing it up afterwards.

It has been so fun figuring out this blog together! We are continuing to figure out our strengths and what we want our blog to really be. We love finding new artists and getting a chance to talk to them and show the world more about these great people. We hope to continue to be able to do that for a long time. We also appreciate each person that has visited The Jukebox Junky! Please stick around. :)

A few extra facts about me:

-I’m an identical twin! Em is my best friend and a big help to The Jukebox Junky! She’s my hype girl forever.

-My real job is a Kindergarten Teacher. The summer break is another reason why this blog got started!

-I’m an enneagram 9. I like no conflict and always keeping the peace. That is why this blog will forever be a positive space.

-My favorite place is the beach with my family.

-Jack and I live out in the sticks with the best view and animals around us. We call it The Wilkinson Farmhouse and love sitting on our porch listening to the peace and quiet.

-My absolute favorite artists of all time are Alan Jackson and Taylor Swift. And those will never change.

We LOVE to chat with y’all and hear your thoughts on all things The Jukebox Junky! Let us know below: Who is your favorite country singer of all time? Enneagram number? Crazy Jack story? Give us ALL the details :)


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