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Getting Over Him- Lauren Alaina feat. Jon Pardi

Lauren Alaina wrote her newest single, Getting Over Him, with Emily Weisband and Paul DiGiovanni. When making the song, Lauren wanted to write it as a duet to portray both sides of the story. She describes Getting Over Him as “just two people going out and having a good time, nothing serious.” They wrote this song after she had been through two significant, high-profile break ups. When talking about Getting Over Him, Alaina said, “I had never done that; I’ve been in two very serious relationships, and I never went out and dated.. Like just kinda went out with people and saw if I liked them or not. So this song was really important for me to write; just about having a good time on a Friday night.”

When choosing Pardi for this song, Alaina said, “Jon Pardi is the definition of having a good time on a Friday night.” When he agreed to cut the song, she even added a fiddle to the music to blend their sounds for a perfect fit.

I love this song so much. The feeling of freedom and no expectations except to have a good time is so fun, and the music matches it perfectly. I truly think this is one of my favorite songs from both Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi. It is fun to sing along to, and their voices go SO well together. Their performance at the CMT Awards was my favorite of the night by far. (You can watch it here)

The music video shows Alaina and Pardi playing a fun rendition of a modern day Bonnie & Clyde. They rob small town stores together, and stay at motels on the outskirts of towns to stay unnoticed. A woman reading the morning paper sees their faces on the front page and turns them in. The cops show up, and only one of them gets away. Check out the video below to see how it turns out!

I have loved Lauren Alaina since her American Idol days 11 years ago, and she has only gotten better and better as the years have gone by. Whether you’ve been a fan for years or just starting to discover her, I think you’ll love this song! Let me know in the comments what you think of it!


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Emily S
Emily S
Jun 17, 2021

Loved both videos you linked! 🤩 Such a good jam!

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